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Bulimba family portraits

Never have I met such gorgeously chubby babies as the two Tim & Colette cleverly made.  First Caitlin – and now just under 5 years later, Abby.  I could gobble you up Missy! Check those rolls! Yummo.  This session took place on a relaxed and fun Sunday morning in their home.  Just doing what they do. Hanging out, giggling, loving and being beautiful.

Abby is a clever little spark – always keeping an eye on what I was up too! She’s so funny with the “who the hell are you and what are you doing with that little black box?” look!

I love the proud look on Caitlin’s face when she’s standing in front of the baby photos we took a few years ago. It’s so interesting how much of a thrill kids get seeing themselves celebrated in images up on the walls.

You can see Colette’s kind words of appreciation on my Testimonials page.

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