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Better photos of your children

We all think our own babies are the cutest but how do we capture their real essence, the ‘now’ before those chubby legs stretch and grow, the bubba-mullet gets cut…. the special baby-words become full sentences? If you want to learn how to take better photos of your children please ask me a question in the comment box below and I will share my favourite tips and tricks.

Tip 1. Lighting.  For a photo like this one, you need the main light source (here, window light) behind you. This means the subject is bathed in full, bright light and you get a crisp, clear photograph.

Move in for a close up and you’ll simplify the image by removing some of the background elements:

Close up of babyPIN

baby eating and pointingPIN

Tip 2. Details.  Don’t forget to photograph the whole scene and some details as well the close ups. It might not mean much now, but it’s the details like the cutlery, the decor, the fashion etc that will make looking back at these photos so much fun.  I love looking at the baby photos of me in the 70’s with Mum’s fantastic outfits and the outlandish wallpaper.



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