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Photo a Day

For the past few years I’ve been sporadically joining in with ‘Fat Mum Slim’s‘ Photo a Day

ballerina on the beach

The Ballerina

Minnie, the gorgeous ballerina on Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.  I envy her grace and flexibility. Check out the


Nature, isn’t she a wonderous creature?

mother and child in pool

Matt, Jenny, Asa & Arden

“One of my regrets is not getting professional photos while I was pregnant, or soon after my children were born.

Geoff, Claire, Anwen & Elsie

When Claire and I were talking about what type of family photographs she wanted words like; casual, relaxed, informal,

A fresh start

Starting today, a brand new site, brand new branding and a new direction…. Following my heart. This is where