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The Oliver Day Family

It was a pleasure to spend a quiet Sunday morning with Hayley and her beautiful young family in Norman Park. I followed them around the house to photography their weekend activities… and that gorgeous cavoodle pup Lottie.

Hayley and I first met outside our boys’ adjoining Prep classes a few years ago. They became good mates and Hayley and I founded a great friendship bonding over a mutual love of clean eating and a slight healthy lunchbox obsession! We often talk about being working mums and the guilt that can creep in when you can’t always be around for your children. That parenting often feels like a lot of yelling, reminding, cleaning, feeding, adjudicating, guiding…. and much repeating until bedtime then you wonder what you gave them that day – was it all grouchiness or were there moments of joy there too?

When I sit with a family to show them their images there is always, always a comment from the mum with the sentiment  ‘Oh look! We DO look like we love each other’! accompanied by a HUGE sigh of relief and very often a few tears and giggles from all of us. And I know many of my mums have a sneaky look in their family album when they’re having a tough parenting day just to remind them that they are indeed doing a wonderful job.

Something as simple as a family photo session can remind you of all the love in your family, that those precious kids are growing, flourishing and you ARE doing a great job whatever way you chose to parent.

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