30 Faces of Homelessness

Having a place to call home, a nourishing meal and a warm bed are all things most of us take for granted living in Australia. until Kylie approached me to take the photographs for this project I had never really been touched by homelessness or even thought much about it I’m ashamed to admit.

In the slideshow below are the photographs that I was invited to make for this incredible organisation.

I want to I sincerely thank Simon, Caitlan, Mikaela, Marshall, Matthew, Josh, Garron, Jack, Amie and Tiarna for being so open with me and allowing me to capture their image. And thank you Kylie for debunking myths around homelessness and for providing the program and the framework for your wonderful ambassadors to give back to our city’s vulnerable young people.

Please click through to the Joining Hands video and find out how to participate in the wonderful initiatives via their website. You can also find a host of big hearted businesses who are part of the Joining Hands tribe.

From the Joining Hands website: The Thirty Faces of Homelessness photography project is about introducing you (and the world – lets dream big!) to some of the incredible young people we’ve met (you can read their stories by clicking the above link)

These young people are living extraordinary lives and their resilience, tenacity, heart and humour are nothing short of amazing. Through this campaign we want to share their stories of their experience of homelessness, of domestic violence, of big and little wins and what lights them up. We want to dispel the myths about young people and homelessness and fight the prejudice they experience by showing what their truth is.



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