Royal Laundry Apparel

It isn’t often that I get to put on the title of children’s fashion photographer so I loved shooting these sassy kids for Brisbane streetwear label Royal Laundry Apparel.

It was a great opportunity to meld documentary family photography and kid’s fashion photography. Amy styled the kids, then we let them loose on this Brisbane skate park. They were naturals and I didn’t have to pose them – they did that themselves!

Designer Amy and I bonded over our bee logos outside the Prep class both our boys were in last year. (There are so many clever, entrepreneurial mums at our school!) We’ve shot 2 sessions together so far. The other a little bit more chaotic than this chilled sesh…. and I look forward to seeing what cool monochrome dynamite Amy designs next. And maybe I’ll be shooting more children’s fashion too!

A few of my favourite images from the look book are below as well as a few behind the scenes photos. I always love the BTS photographs just as much as the ‘proper’ images.


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