Royal Laundry Apparel

Group of kids sitting on skate park

It isn’t often that I get to put on the title of children’s fashion photographer so I loved shooting these sassy kids for Brisbane streetwear label Royal Laundry Apparel.

It was a great opportunity to meld documentary family photography and kid’s fashion photography. Amy styled the kids, then we let them loose on this Brisbane skate park. They were naturals and I didn’t have to pose them – they did that themselves!

Designer Amy and I bonded over our bee logos outside the Prep class both our boys were in last year. (There are so many clever, entrepreneurial mums at our school!) We’ve shot 2 sessions together so far. The other a little bit more chaotic than this chilled sesh…. and I look forward to seeing what cool monochrome dynamite Amy designs next. And maybe I’ll be shooting more children’s fashion too!

A few of my favourite images from the look book are below as well as a few behind the scenes photos. I always love the BTS photographs just as much as the ‘proper’ images.


30 Faces of Homelessness

young woman's face

Having a place to call home, a nourishing meal and a warm bed are all things most of us take for granted living in Australia. until Kylie approached me to take the photographs for this project I had never really been touched by homelessness or even thought much about it I’m ashamed to admit.

In the slideshow below are the photographs that I was invited to make for this incredible organisation.

I want to I sincerely thank Simon, Caitlan, Mikaela, Marshall, Matthew, Josh, Garron, Jack, Amie and Tiarna for being so open with me and allowing me to capture their image. And thank you Kylie for debunking myths around homelessness and for providing the program and the framework for your wonderful ambassadors to give back to our city’s vulnerable young people.

Please click through to the Joining Hands video and find out how to participate in the wonderful initiatives via their website. You can also find a host of big hearted businesses who are part of the Joining Hands tribe.

From the Joining Hands website: The Thirty Faces of Homelessness photography project is about introducing you (and the world – lets dream big!) to some of the incredible young people we’ve met (you can read their stories by clicking the above link)

These young people are living extraordinary lives and their resilience, tenacity, heart and humour are nothing short of amazing. Through this campaign we want to share their stories of their experience of homelessness, of domestic violence, of big and little wins and what lights them up. We want to dispel the myths about young people and homelessness and fight the prejudice they experience by showing what their truth is.




woman looking down with hat

Do you have a website that needs refreshing? Is your LinkedIn photo a crop of you (and your friend’s arm) on holidays or a quick snap a colleague took of you against a boring wall? Can I please help you with that?!

First impressions last and it makes great business sense to have top quality photography to show who you are.

Shooting with me can be quick and very painless – even if you’re an introvert (like me) and because I will work in with your branding, colours and style I can then provide you with photographs for your website and social media for many months.

For a small business and bloggers I recommend a 2hr shoot which will give you:

  • 5 or so headshots – think LinkedIn profile
  • 10 candid images of you in your workspace – making, working, doing your thing
  • 1/2-dozen product images or details around your building – signage, gardens whatever suits your business. Excellent for your social media accounts.

Images are supplied online, typically within a week. Urgent images can be supplied within 24hours.

I also have a huge catalogue of what I call incidental images – flowers, foliage, paths, ocean, coffee cups etc that are useful for social media, as backgrounds underneath an inspirational quote or just to mix in with your product shots.

I would love to hear from you if you’re looking to update your branding, website and social media image library.




“I have known Briony for over 10 years and worked with her on a range of corporate and creative photographic projects. Briony is incredibly easy to work with and has a very relaxed style, which is awesome when you’re in the middle of a hectic shoot! She always bring a sense of calm and peace to every shoot. She is a very talented photographer and delivers on the brief every time, whether for corporate headshots or editorial or creative. Her images are beautiful and she somehow always manages to capture something very special. If you are looking for an experienced, professional photographer, I would highly recommend Briony” Gillian Moody – Champagne Cartel

Gill’s review of our first Champagne Cartel shoot is here:

International Women’s Day 2017

My good friends at Champagne Cartel; Carolyn, Gillian and Raels held a fun-filled event to celebrate International Women’s Day in Brisbane. The speaker line up was an inspiring panel of Queensland’s brightest entrepreneurs who entertained us with hilarious anecdotes of where they’d come from, where they’re headed and lots of sound business advice.

I love event photography in black and white. Apart from being so flattering to everyone, it has the added benefit of reducing any messy distractions that can be in the background at a busy event.

How gorgeous is the Brisbane city skyline?

Bubble & Flute – branding

champagne bottle neck

Unfussy professional portraits elevate your brand and set you above the crowded market place.

Let me introduce you to Marnie – she’s as effervescent as her field of expertise: Champagne!

Bubble & Flute is an online venture Marnie created to share her reviews of all things Champagne and impart her knowledge in a casual, but professional way. She needed professional portraits and images that showed her bubbly personality and highlighted some of her collection of champagne. What she didn’t want was to come across as an ‘Ab Fab’ wannabe!

We set the scene at Brisbane’s The Emporium Hotel which has it’s own speciality champagne bar. Management were gracious enough to let us move the furniture, the flower arrangements, the magnum bottles, dirty so many of their flutes (those floral glasses were beautiful) and generally have fun in their bar.

As a fellow Introvert I wanted to put her at ease in front of my camera and assure her that her images would be just as she imagined. There was much laughter ensuing – and it didn’t take long for her to relax.