ANZAC Day Centenary

Cemetery in Istanbul

Yesterday I attended the school’s ANZAC Ceremony and it bought back many memories from years of marching with my Brownie troupe and also with various schools over the years. There is a very open, loving and peaceful comeraderie to these ceremonies and the Dawn Service.

This was the first service I’ve attended for a few years and I shed a quiet tear behind my sunglasses.  As a mum I cannot fathom sending any or all of my children off to war.  I am very grateful to live in a time where this isn’t required and hope as they grow older Humanity can find a way to restore peace all over the world.

Lest we forget.

The images below are simply scans of film I took in 1997. I attended the Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli and spent days wandering around the beautiful city of Istanbul as a novice photographer. I loved this city, have the fondest memories of my time there and I hope to visit Turkey again one day to sip on that amazing apple tea (which never tasted the same when I bought some home….)

ANZAC Day Cermony in GallipoliRed Mosque, Istanbul, TurkeyOld City, Instanbul, TurkeyCemetery in IstanbulIstanbul cemetery and blue mosque

Photo a Day

For the past few years I’ve been sporadically joining in with ‘Fat Mum Slim’s‘ Photo a Day challenge.  Each month she posts a list of daily prompts and anyone who wants to join in uploads a photographic interpretation of the prompt to Instagram or their blog.  I do take a photo most days – I am totally addicted to ‘Hipstamatic’ on my phone. I love the portability of the camera, it’s square format and my favourite lens and film settings.  If you also partake in a bit of Photo a Day or Hipstamatic love, let me know your blog or insta-name in the comments below.

Don’t forget to print your photos every once in a while.  It’s heartbreaking to hear when someone’s hardrive has corrupted and they have years of photos lost.  Print, print, PRINT!

Print your photographs