Mother’s Day

I should (must) do it more but Mother’s Day is one time I make the effort to get in the frame with my kids. I don’t always feel like being in the photographs – looking too old and tired is my usual excuse! But it really is so important for your kids to have photographs of them when they’re growing up with YOU in them. My kids already love these photos of us together and I guarantee when I look at them in 10 years I will think how young I look and I won’t see the tired eyes or the sheet marks on my face from the early morning.

It’s your legacy. And if you don’t do it…then you will miss out! So, I challenge you – get over your harsh self-criticisms, pop your camera or iphone on timer and get in the frame.  If you’re looking for inspiration this hashtag on Instagram is gold #getintheframe

Do you look back on your family album and wonder where Mum (or Dad) is? Was one parent the usual photographer? My albums are fairly bare but I do book an annual family photography session so I know I have those images at the minimum. I’m also not above setting the timer and just getting us during dinner preparations or homework sessions. Everyday moments, perhaps not so momentous but they tell Our Family Story.


This Mother’s Day Jon waited an hour in the queue at the bakery, then picked up my kids from their Dad’s. They then proceeded to cook me breakfast in bed and we had a great morning opening the gifts they bought at the Mother’s Day stall at school. Here are a few photos, some taken by Edie, some by Jon and a couple by me.


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