Australian Christmas

An Australian Christmas is unique to most parts of the world. Although everything is decorated in motifs of snowflakes and people in colour image of young boy and girl decorating with Christmas fairy lights in Australia. The lights are reflected in the tiled floorfurry coats we here Down Under swelter! Today is 34 degrees c (96.8 f) so we popped on the air conditioner and dusted off the decs. Due to end of year fatigue, my littlest was already sound asleep as these two elves decorated to their heart’s content. Rather than getting out the tree, they decided to bedazzle this cane bookshelf I rescued from the roadside rubbish recently! Is there nothing fairy lights can’t make magic?! *Image take with my Pixel phone.

CameraPro Photography Festival 2019

Presentation by Brisbane family photographer, Briony Walker
Topic: Documentary Family Photography

Register for my session and be in the draw to WIN a FujiFilm Instax Mini 50S kit!

A little bit about Briony:
Briony is a Brisbane based documentary family photographer. For Briony, family photography is all about authenticity. She is fascinated by the real, the beauty in the ‘ordinary’ and the dynamics between family members. Briony does not pose or even direct, but will simply document families in their home environment, giving them a priceless storybook of where their life as it is, right now.

I will also be talking about my love for the mirrorless FujiFilm X series cameras and how they are perfect for this genre.

BONUS: You’ll see me flapping my hands around as shown in this photo taken at the last CameraPro event, by Misty Norman.

Presentations by world-leading photographers Damien Bredberg, Russell Ord, Briony Walker, Lachlan Gardiner & Nick Ghionis
– Studio workshops
– Guided photo walks
– Free entertainment from Chinese lion dancers & a live mural artist
– Free product demos, advice & firmware updates
– Free food & drink
– Free CameraPro goodie bag for all session participants
– All session participants go in the draw to WIN 2 tickets to the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner!

‚Ķand more! ”

For more details and to register, follow the link:

Colour image of Brisbane Photographer Briony Walker presenting a slideshow to a crowded room at CameraPro's Photography Festival

Photo: Misty Norman, CameraPro


Royal Laundry Apparel

Group of kids sitting on skate park

It isn’t often that I get to put on the title of children’s fashion photographer so I loved shooting these sassy kids for Brisbane streetwear label Royal Laundry Apparel.

It was a great opportunity to meld documentary family photography and kid’s fashion photography. Amy styled the kids, then we let them loose on this Brisbane skate park. They were naturals and I didn’t have to pose them – they did that themselves!

Designer Amy and I bonded over our bee logos outside the Prep class both our boys were in last year. (There are so many clever, entrepreneurial mums at our school!) We’ve shot 2 sessions together so far. The other a little bit more chaotic than this chilled sesh…. and I look forward to seeing what cool monochrome dynamite Amy designs next. And maybe I’ll be shooting more children’s fashion too!

A few of my favourite images from the look book are below as well as a few behind the scenes photos. I always love the BTS photographs just as much as the ‘proper’ images.


The Triffid hosts an evening with They Might Be Giants

John Linnell playing accordion

“Blue Canary in the outlet by the light switch, who watches over you?”

“They Might Be Giants Brand New Album…..’Flood!'” might just be the soundtrack album to my last few years of High School. My friends and I knew all the words (still do!). So many years later I am delighted that my kids also now love listening to Birdhouse in Your Soul. (thank goodness, some of their other 6, 7 and 9year old’s music taste is…very…soul-less).

I was so excited to see them play on 13 February at The Triffid in Brisbane.

They only played 2 songs (devastated!) from Flood, but to be fair they have 20 albums  of irreverent songs (so, Flood….not so Brand New eh?!) so had to share the love. The crowd were all singing along to every song and the band were so interactive and having a great time.

Trusty Fujifilm XT3 on the job, shot at iso 3200 on the 27mm pancake lens, from the front row. What an awesome and intimate venue The Triffid is.

If you are unfamiliar with Brooklyn’s quirky Ambassadors of Love you might want to listen to Flood here on Spotify