24 Hour Project

What: Photograph ‘the human condition’ and post 1 photo per hour for each of the 24hours of 1 April 2017.

Who: 3,940 photographers from 840 cities in 112 countries

Why: The @24HourProject partners with NGOs to raise awareness, empower initiatives and make a difference.

This year’s NGO was Pikpa: a self-organised and autonomous space built on the principle of solidarity and in response to the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesvos.

When I first heard about the project I thought it sounded pretty cool and I jumped at the chance to explore Brisbane after dark. Jon was keen too so we drafted up a timetable of interesting local events and locations mapping out our journey.
What I didn’t consider was a) staying awake and coherent and b) maintaining creativity, motivation and tuning in to documenting interesting images for the full 24hours. The hours from 10am til 12 were hard (grumpy) but we did have a little nap from 12 til 2pm. By 11.30pm we had lost our creative mojo and headed back to the bar where we had started the project to rest our weary bones, photograph the happy inhabitants and wait til midnight for a celebratory drink or two (ok, so we didn’t wait and we had more than two!)

At 5.30am we met up with the Instagrammers of Brisbane group who were also participating. We bought along our coffee to the Brisbane sign at Southbank and had our group photo taken by a drone!

All in all, it was a great experience. We had so many laughs together, met really interesting people, shared stories and made our own story of beautiful Brisbane.

Here are my final 24 photos. All taken on my Fuji XT10 with 35mm (50mm equivalent) f1.4 lens and uploaded in real time to my Instagram via my iPhone.
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