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The 24HourProject is a global street photography project.

Last year Jon and I were participants, this year we took on the role of Ambassador for Brisbane.  To be involved, to participate or just to see our world in live-view over 24hours please join our facebook group.

We have secured generous sponsorship from FujiFilm Australia and our favourite camera store CameraPro Australia. They are giving us FujiFilm lenses, batteries and SD cards to keep us shooting for the full 24hours. In return we will be presenting our images and learnings from the experience at CameraPro’s flagship event in May.

WHEN: On April 7, 2018 the 7th annual 24-Hour- Project will be held across the globe with
the goal to “document humanity and make a difference

WHO:  2756 photographers spanning 791 cities over 158 countries.

WHAT: Starting at midnight local time on April 7th, 2018 the photographers will document the human condition, with a focus this year’s stories of women in their own city.

HOW: Each participant takes and shares one photo to social media every hour for the 24 hours following 24HourProject guidelines. The images, theme and content become a viral live view of the world hour by hour.

LATER: Photographers select their best photos after the event and submit their final 24 images to Selected photos go to travelling exhibitions, conferences, workshops and photobooks.

This year the 24HourProject is collaborating with Shakti Vahini, a non-profit organization in India which empowers, educates and defends women and their human rights.

There is no requirement on skill level or equipment. From smart phone to DSLR, it’s not about the gear. We are encouraging people with a love of street photography and sense of adventure to join us to record our wonderful city for 24 hours straight.

What I loved most about the project last year was the connections and friendships. We met so many people as we moved about the city. Brisbane is such an open and friendly city. People we connected with were intrigued by the project and followed along with us on social media. The other interesting part was that at each place we stopped to photograph and talk with people, they had great ideas to send us on to another interesting location or event happening. It was like a treasure hunt of sorts!

24HourProject 2017 

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