Jose Gonzalez plays the Tivoli, Brisbane

Last night I saw Jose Gonzalez at The Tivoli in Brisbane. My most favouritest venue ever. It’s always such a friendly crowd, staff are awesome and always a phenomenal line up.

This might have been the most moving, soul-restoring concert I have ever attended. Just beautiful. Have a listen here  ‘Tiny Ruins’ was the support act and she was wonderful too.

Had my trusty Fuji XT-10 on hand so was able to capture the ethereal stage and lighting set up. This camera is so fantastic! The image below was shot from ‘way up the back’, hand held above the crowd. Not super sharp – this is a crop from a 5omm lens – I only took 2 shots because I was so in the moment with the music! Can you feel the ambience?

Jose Gonzalez performing at the Tivoli, Brisbane

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