Maxwell’s busy day out

boy in spinning egg at park

This may have been the busiest session I’ve had I arrived at 7am – PJs, coffee and feeding the turtle. Then off to the park with a quick coffee en route.

The images are a time capsule really – documenting Maxwell & him mama during their very last Friday together before baby brother arrived….3 days later! Good timing!! Max’s mama is Miss Sophie – our beloved kindy teacher 4 years running. My kids (and many of my friends’ kids) adore her. She’s a bit of a celeb in these parts. I don’t think she can even get away with a trip to the local shops without a “Helllooooo Miss Sophie!!” and a full body hug or two!

Giving our kids a fantastic pre-school experience and invaluable early learning foundation is on the back burner for now as she and Matt recently welcomed little brother Harrison to the family.

Best stop chatting & get this slideshow finished so I can visit and get my dose of newborn cuddles…

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The Burke Family – documentary family photography

documentary family photography brisbane autism

Documentary family photography Brisbane

I have known Katie & John for 10 years. I photographed their engagement, their wedding and their family as they added new babies to the mix. Recently I headed back to their home to photograph them as a family of 5.

Katie & John’s kids are such beautiful souls. They’re polite, caring, courageous and very clever – not surprising if you know Katie & John. Their youngest son Freddie is 4 and has autism. He is a gorgeous kid and very much an integral part of the family of course.  As I watched, I saw him existing in a beautiful bubble of his own imagination and I wanted to capture him as he floated in and out from the family games, off to do other things (like raid the pantry!) content and very happy. The strength and love in this family is very special.

It was a privilege to show them via their photographs, the ways that Freddie communicates so lovingly in his unique way. It cannot be easy having a child with special needs and it was important to me to show especially Katie just how much she is doing to help Freddie grow and learn.

As with most young families, hanging out at home with nothing planned really is the best way to capture everyone’s personality and who they really are. No need for ‘fancy outfits’ or choreographed activities.

This slideshow is just that – a regular Saturday with the Burkes, at home, everyone doing what they enjoy, no plans and some beautiful cuddles to end. Sounds like a perfect Saturday afternoon to me.

View the images from our session here –>  The Burke Family – brisbane documentary family photography

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‘Visual Storytelling Festival’

Documentary Family Photographer Briony Walker

Documentary Family Photographer Briony Walker

Brisbane Documentary Family Photographer, Briony Walker to speak at CameraPro’s ‘Visual Storytelling Festival’.

I am super excited to be presenting my evolution from traditional wedding and family photographer to showing families their most authentic selves via documentary family photography on Saturday 26 May.  Here’s my blurb for the talk. *drumroll please…..

Briony Walker is a talented visual storyteller and family photographer who has a knack for seeing the beautiful “real” in the chaos of family life. For her clients, she collates a legacy of moments and everyday rituals for their future generations.

When she isn’t raising her 3 beautiful children and 3 gorgeous step children in a sunny corner of  Brisbane, you will find her happily wandering the streets, bush or beach, beloved FujiFilm X series camera photographing in hand. She also holds one-on-one and small group tuition in Adobe Lightroom, digital photography and how to make better photographs with the humble smartphone.

In April, Briony organised and participated in the 7th Annual ’24Hour Project’ global street photography challenge as the Fuji Film Australia and CameraPro sponsored Brisbane Co-Ambassador. The documentary style Briony is so connected with facilitated truthful moments, unstaged and unscripted, illustrating the power of photography as a “truth medium” versus the alternative of “doctored art”, two very contrasting photographic approaches.
As well as sharing the ’24hour Project’ her presentation will highlight the emerging style of Documentary Family Photography with the hope of inspiring everyone to tell their own story through photography of any skill level.
Briony will also introduce you to John King, General Manager of CameraPro who will be unveiling CameraPro’s new Photography Grant program.  how you can participate and use your photographic storytelling to make a positive change in society.
Briony’s aim is to share a new and fresh perspective on telling your story on social media to engage your followers!
WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS SESSION? Anyone with a love of street photography and those that want to make better photographs of their own family to preserve their family history.

So…what do you think?  Any tips for keeping the nerves at bay?! I hope to see some familiar faces there on Saturday. The rest of the line up of speakers and workshops, as well as the gear-talk and demonstrations look fantastic too.

Mother’s Day

mum and kids in bed opening presents

I should (must) do it more but Mother’s Day is one time I make the effort to get in the frame with my kids. I don’t always feel like being in the photographs – looking too old and tired is my usual excuse! But it really is so important for your kids to have photographs of them when they’re growing up with YOU in them. My kids already love these photos of us together and I guarantee when I look at them in 10 years I will think how young I look and I won’t see the tired eyes or the sheet marks on my face from the early morning.

It’s your legacy. And if you don’t do it…then you will miss out! So, I challenge you – get over your harsh self-criticisms, pop your camera or iphone on timer and get in the frame.  If you’re looking for inspiration this hashtag on Instagram is gold #getintheframe

Do you look back on your family album and wonder where Mum (or Dad) is? Was one parent the usual photographer? My albums are fairly bare but I do book an annual family photography session so I know I have those images at the minimum. I’m also not above setting the timer and just getting us during dinner preparations or homework sessions. Everyday moments, perhaps not so momentous but they tell Our Family Story.


This Mother’s Day Jon waited an hour in the queue at the bakery, then picked up my kids from their Dad’s. They then proceeded to cook me breakfast in bed and we had a great morning opening the gifts they bought at the Mother’s Day stall at school. Here are a few photos, some taken by Edie, some by Jon and a couple by me.


International Women’s Day

Young girl looking to the future

young girl looking to the future

Happy International Women’s Day 2018

When I was younger I vowed that I wouldn’t have children because I was terrified of the world they would inherit. Reading ‘Z for Zacharia’ at 12 years of age pretty much sealed the deal..but that body clock ticks on….

Bringing us to 2018, I’m 43 years of age and we are bringing up 2 daughters (and 4 sons). Navigating our way, parenting them the best way we know how. Instilling in them respect for women, respect for themselves. It is astounding how many subtle gender stereotypes are ingrained in us. I find myself having to correct my language more often than I am comfortable admitting. The stereotyping is just ‘there’…. and I’m shocked because I feel like I am Feminist AF and I know Jon feels he is too. Everyday stereotypes are gently corrected and the girls of the house are always served first. Old fashioned perhaps yes but on second thoughts it goes some way to reverse the cultural expectations. And seriously, Women should be Revered (birthing a baby like it’s no big thang anyone?!)

It’s not all doom and gloom of course. There are so many wonderful opportunities for young girls and women today, even more than us Gen X’s ever had. As parents we are bringing back a sense of community, of tribe and the confirmation that it DOES take a village to raise a child.

Yet there is still such a way to go. When women are represented as the 50% of the population that they are. When women are welcomed and invited to sit at the table, to make the decisions that affect them and their families, their children. If more women were running our countries I see a more peaceful and collaborative way of governing. Equal respect and admiration for BOTH sexes. An easy peace.

I welcome a time when we don’t have to think about the gender pay gap or if this next Tinder date is safe to go on because the date has not been taught about respect or consent. No sense of dread for our daughters when they are in a room or an elevator filled with men. How we will arm ourselves with our car keys and mobile phone walking back to our car after dark. And that’s in a relatively safe country like Australia. I shudder to think of the daily abuse and shocking fear women endure in developing countries, war-torn countries, devoutly, extremely religious countries. But endure they do and you don’t hear much about it. Certainly you would hear a lot more about it if were men being suppressed, raped and tortured.

And though it scares me (who in their right mind gave me these 2 beauties to shepherd into womanhood?!) I remind myself the best thing I can do is be the woman I want them to be; to inspire our girls, encourage them to follow their dreams, to seek their own path and life filled with adventure. Along the way (and after much wild adventure) I do hope that if they want a life companion that they seek until they find a partner to share their vision, a soul mate who respects and reveres them the way they deserve. You can be sure that we will help guide them, to give them the confidence and self-love and self-worth that sees them happy in their own company, to not settle for anything less than a soul connection, for mutual respect and peace. If nothing else they will have that Life Lesson hard earned wisdom from both of us.

I get sick of hearing that Feminism is akin to man hating. A quote that I read today and love is: ‘Feminism is the radical idea that a woman’s safety is more important than a man’s feelings’. It is galling to think that by standing up for ourselves, our children, to stand on the same stage as men, is seen as greedy, as ungrateful and as aggressive and hateful. No fellas, it’s not an affront to your manhood.

I’ve read so many inspiring quotes on social media today. Listened to Podcasts and marvelled at gorgeous, clever, witty illustrations and memes created by women. I am so proud to be a woman! I have the most wonderful tribe of women friends and over the years we have had countless conversations that DESPITE all the inequality none of us would give up being a WOMAN for ANYTHING. I mean seriously, can you imagine NOT giving BIRTH to your babies?

Never quite as eloquent as I hope – ever so hesitant to spout my Feminist Thoughts (yeah, we have those) ….but so proud to be a female and so proud to be raising a couple of gorgeous, clever, strong and brave young women and men. Wishing you all a wonderful International Womens Day 2018.  Big Love, B

If you don’t already, go ahead and follow these inspiring Feminists:


‘Feminism is equality: politically, culturally, socially and economically. It is that simple’

‘Feminism is the radical idea that a woman’s safety is more important than a man’s feelings’

“Girls just wanna have fun…damental human rights!”