family legacy photos

The skill you have with capturing real moments is a gift that can’t be taught, and we’re so thankful we chose you to capture us on a really very ordinary day – in the best sense of the word!

When you delivered the Story Book, it really was, THE ICING ON THE CAKE!  We would never have believed it was going to be THAT GOOD. There is not one page that we don’t LOVE, and every time we get to the last page, we see your little “Bee” and smile. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Nikki and family, Newstead


We were blown away by the beautiful images Briony captured. We loved that it was different from a typical family photoshoot. Briony caught our Day in the Life with our daughter who was around 2 at the time. It was so special and something to keep forever. We plan to print the images and put into a book for our daughter Elle. We can’t recommend Briony enough. Thank you so much! Leasa, Chris and Elle Harris, Port Macquarie


One of my biggest regrets is not getting professional photos while I was pregnant, or soon after my children were born.  I can’t go back, those moments have passed, and I have missed that opportunity. Our children are now 4 and 2, and finally, we have gotten professional photos done. We are thrilled with the results!  You have not just captured our family, you have captured a snippet of our life.  The pictures are not just what our family looks like now, they tell our story.  Jenny, Balmoral


I have known Briony for over 10 years and worked with her on a range of corporate and creative photographic projects. Briony is incredibly easy to work with and has a very relaxed style, which is awesome when you’re in the middle of a hectic shoot! She always bring a sense of calm and peace to every shoot. She is a very talented photographer and delivers on the brief every time, whether for corporate headshots or editorial or creative. Her images are beautiful and she somehow always manages to capture something very special. If you are looking for an experienced, professional photographer, I would highly recommend Briony Gillian Moody – Champagne Cartel


Briony is a masterful photographer. I had never had a professional shoot before and she set me at ease from the very beginning. Briony captured exactly the essence of who I am and made the process simple and hugely enjoyable! The photos are amazing and I know they are making a huge difference to the professionalism of our websites and both my company and personal branding. I would highly recommend Briony for anyone seeking gorgeous spot on photos. Kylie Lowe, Founder Joining Hands


Briony makes amazing images. I was not really sure about having pregnancy photos taken but after seeing some that Briony had made I asked her to photograph our first pregnancy. It is six years later and I still look at those photos of  a very special time in our life. She has since shot both our girls several times and I love seeing our wall of photos grow as they do.

She has a unique style. Her results are far better than the studio shots. She came to our home and took great care to photograph our girls with their favourite toys totally relaxed and happy. These images are very special and are very much part of the decor of our home.

Briony created a wonderful little handmade photo album for me to take with me when I travel for work. It fits in my handbag and it helped me feel connected even when I am far away from home. It is this kind of thoughtfulness that sets her apart from the other photography studios.  Colette, Bulimba


Although the kids were going absolutely nutty on the day, and I was worried it wasn’t going to go well, you had a calm presence and kept a lid on it all – I do not know how you did that but you did! The images show the laughter and tears, the giggles and tantrums that we have most days. Your images Briony… well, they are just something magical and we will always treasure them. As they say ‘This too shall pass’ and I am so glad that you captured ‘ALL’ of us. With love and thanks. Annette, Peregian Beach


“We were lucky enough to find Briony via the joys of the internet and didn’t that turn out to be serendipitous find! She photographed our extended family for my Dad’s 90th birthday. Briony was lovely to work with, understanding the vagaries of elderly parents and little ones who like to wriggle! Her photographs were delightful, capturing the celebratory spirit with the posed, more formal group photos, as well as the spontaneous ones. We would all highly recommend her, especially the mum who now has photos that so clearly show the cheekiness of her little ones! Thanks again, Briony” Maryse, Ashgrove


We were lucky to have Briony come and take photos of our family when Zara was a few weeks old. It was particularly for my parents who were visiting us at the time and then lived in another country. My mother like me treasures photos and Briony captured so many beautiful moments where my mom and dad were interacting with both my daughters Gemma and Zara. The genuine love, emotion, laughter and spontaneity were captured so beautifully and perfectly. I have a number of the photos framed and on my wall in our home and they are a great talking point with family and friends and my girls love talking about the photos too and asking questions. Briony just makes everyone feel at ease in your own space or wherever you choose to have your photos taken. She is a very talented photographer who has a passion for what she does. Lisa, Dave and family, Bulimba


When my mum was diagnosed with cancer, we weren’t sure how much longer she had to live. Someone suggested we get some family photos and, despite the challenge of gathering the whole family together from near and far for a photo session, now, several years after her death, I’m so very grateful we did. Briony was sensitive and professional during a challenging time, and the photos she took for us have become such an important keepsake. They are, quite simply, beautiful, conveying the amazing connection my mum shared with her daughters and doted-upon grandchildren. My Lola was just a baby at the time, and she loves looking back at the images of her and her “Gubby”. She also loves showing the photos to her younger sisters and cousins, telling them all about the grandmother they never got to meet, but who lives on with us through our happy memories and through these beautiful family photos. Greer, Sydney


Thanks so much for yet another series of gorgeous photos so lovingly packaged. I have just been gazing at them and not getting any work done! They are beautiful! I have fallen in love with my children all over again. What I love is that as we have welcomed each of our 4 children to our family we are also adding to our wall photos that have all been taken by YOU! The kids love pointing themselves out as babies and as each sibling came along. Always lots of laughter. Thanks and we will see you again soon. Leigh, Sunshine Coast