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kids in the carpark

Documentary family photography is also just about recording ‘ this moment’. It doesn’t need to be particularly thrilling or interesting. It just is ‘right now’. I don’t always have my trusty Fuji Xt3 camera with me but I always have my Google Pixel smart phone. The camera on that phone is exceptional and I quite enjoy the perspective. I love that it’s always with me and I often use it to document small happenings in our life.

Tuesdays are our busiest day. After school we race home for afternoon tea (they are always STARVING!), a quick cool down then off to swimming lessons. After swimming we then race to Karate. It’s always a ridiculous rush and I always freak a bit because, herding cats. The kids are also knackered by the time they get to karate so we’ll have to change days for swimming lessons next term! Yesterday’s conversation went like this:

Me: Does everyone have their cozzies on, dry undies and karate clothes and belt in the bag, goggles? towel?

Everyone: Yes!

Me: Are you sure? Everything: jacket, pants, belt, undies, goggles?

Everyone: Yeeeeeeeeesssssss!

Everyone: Races to pool, does lessons, gets changed in the car park, back in the car…..

Us arriving at Karate in a 38 degree hot sweat… (yesterday was truly disgusting in Brisbane!)

Max: Mum, where’s my karate jacket……. ?

Me: eye-fricking-roll, leaves 2 in class, drives home with small 1/2 naked boy, returns with jacket, ties yellow belt in a sad and very un-karate knot and inserts small now-dressed boy into class.

Some days are just like that aren’t they?

If you’re wanting to learn more about your own smart phone or to get a better understanding of how your DSLR camera works, I run one-on-one private tuition and small group sessions. You don’t need any fancy equipment, it’s just about using what you’ve got and learning to see light and angles to tell your family’s story. They’re so much fun. Group booking discounts and add-on documentary family sessions are available.

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