Halloween Australian style

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll already know the man I love is American. He has introduced us to some great traditions but none have been so much fun as Halloween.

On Tuesday night Jon and the kids carved the pumpkins and roasted the seeds in butter. Ummm yum, I could really get into this holiday!

Wednesday was Halloween and Max wanted to go as ‘that fangy monster guy’ to Kindy so out came the face paint and away we went.

Wednesday evening the kids were hyped. It was their first time really celebrating Halloween and they couldn’t wait for Jon to get home. They put Skelly the skeleton and the talking tombstone outside and lit the candles in the pumpkin. I went into overdrive getting the costumes sorted. Assuring Edie that being creative with things we already had in our wardrobe and dress up box was much more interesting that buying a cheap and nasty costume at the local $2 Shop.

“You’ll just look like everyone else, plus those costumes are hot and sweaty” I said convincingly…. “All I want to do is look like everyone else and I’m cold” Miss 6 said. Meh.

Once that surly thundercloud passed we set off to the streets near our school for Trick or Treating. The kids ran in a pack, from house to house laughing their heads off and filling their bags with lollies. When we got home they spread out their lolly haul. If you know me, you’ll know I’m the Sugar Grinch and don’t give my kids much junk. We compromised and they quite happily threw out any of the really nasty lollies but decided they could keep all the chocolate. They still ended up with approximately 18 years worth of sugar so they were happy with that!


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