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Documentary family photography Brisbane

I have known Katie & John for 10 years. I photographed their engagement, their wedding and their family as they added new babies to the mix. Recently I headed back to their home to photograph them as a family of 5.

Katie & John’s kids are such beautiful souls. They’re polite, caring, courageous and very clever – not surprising if you know Katie & John. Their youngest son Freddie is 4 and has autism. He is a gorgeous kid and very much an integral part of the family of course.  As I watched, I saw him existing in a beautiful bubble of his own imagination and I wanted to capture him as he floated in and out from the family games, off to do other things (like raid the pantry!) content and very happy. The strength and love in this family is very special.

It was a privilege to show them via their photographs, the ways that Freddie communicates so lovingly in his unique way. It cannot be easy having a child with special needs and it was important to me to show especially Katie just how much she is doing to help Freddie grow and learn.

As with most young families, hanging out at home with nothing planned really is the best way to capture everyone’s personality and who they really are. No need for ‘fancy outfits’ or choreographed activities.

This slideshow is just that – a regular Saturday with the Burkes, at home, everyone doing what they enjoy, no plans and some beautiful cuddles to end. Sounds like a perfect Saturday afternoon to me.

View the images from our session here –>  The Burke Family – brisbane documentary family photography

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